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Category = Action, Adventure, E, Evolva, PC
Game Series = Evolva


Evolva is a third-person action game, released in 2000. The player leads a team of 4 "GenoHunters" exploring a planet; each of the GenoHunters can develop new abilities by incorporating and altering the DNA they've absorbed from the creatures they have killed.

System Requirements

  • CPU Type: Pentium
  • CPU Speed in MHz: 233
  • RAM: 64 MB
  • Hard Drive Space: 250 MB
  • Sound Card: Sound blaster compatible
  • CD Drive Speed: 4X
  • Keyboard & Mouse


Evolva Game Screenshots
Evolva Game Screenshots
Evolva Game Screenshots

 Click the Link Below to Download Your Game!

"Click the link below to Download your Game"
Game Size: 121 MB
Password: or apunkagames


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